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The Story 

WHAT IF THINGS GO WELL HOUSE begins with its visionary founders, individuals with rich and diverse creative backgrounds, who set out to establish an environment that would not only attract but also inspire individuals with artistic inclinations.  


We gather our community, whether it's a WHAT IF. BREAKFAST, a WHAT IF. DINNER AT THE MUSEUM, a WHAT IF. CHAPTER, or a WHAT IF. BAR A1 HOUSE PARTY. These events are designed to spark creativity, foster connections, and provide a unique space for individuals to explore their artistic passions. Our goal is to create an inclusive and vibrant community that thrives on the possibilities of WHAT IF THINGS GO WELL. 

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How to access WITGW House

WITGW HOUSE is designed to attract and accommodate creative professionals, artists, and individuals from an array of industries.  It is an event specifically crafted to unite people from diverse backgrounds, fostering connections and celebrating the fusion of cultures and creativity.


HOW TO ACCESS WITGW House Events & WITGW APP To access our platform or app, please become a member or simply, Log in.  ​ 

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