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Emphasizing individual celebration and fostering connections among like-minded souls.

GET SOCIAL is a new feature on our platform, where members can share their stories, achievements, and connect with each other. The process involves crafting a post, having it reviewed by the dedicated team, and then potentially being featured and tagged in upcoming events. 

Here's how it works:  

1. Craft Your Post: Share your achievements, experiences, and more! Please include all relevant details and attachments in your email. Let your unique journey shine through. 

2. Expert Review: Our dedicated team will carefully review your post to ensure it aligns with the positive and engaging spirit of our community.


3. Feature Spotlight: Selected posts will be featured, amplifying your voice and inspiring others. But that's not all!


As an approved member, you'll also be tagged in upcoming events. Let the community know you'll be there, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and together, let's weave a stronger, more connected tapestry.  #WhatIfGetSocial 

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