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Environment Policy

Responsible Environmental Management with ENVIRON

WITGW HOUSE aligns with ENVIRON, a collective, non-governmental, and non-profit organization undertaking the legal responsibilities of manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment. ENVIRON facilitates the collection, treatment, recycling, and environmentally friendly disposal of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE). These initiatives are designed to encourage the adoption of selective collection habits and promote a sustainable lifestyle. 

​For inquiries regarding waste collection bins or orders for the pickup of WEEE, you can write to us or call.

Environmental Policy for Promoting Natural Beauty

As we showcase the wonders of our country, it's essential to preserve and highlight its natural beauties. All our expeditions and off-road activities, aimed at promoting these wonders, are conducted with utmost care and are closely monitored by dedicated rangers. We seek prior approval for vehicle access and prioritize thorough cleanup to leave the environment pristine. This approach reflects our commitment to responsible exploration and sustainable promotion of our country's natural treasures. Your support in adhering to these guidelines is invaluable, ensuring that we can continue to showcase and protect our nation's breathtaking landscapes for generations to come. Thank you for joining us in this endeavor.

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